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Must Read Articles for Entrepreneurs & Marketers

Here is a wonderful extensive list of “Must Read Articles” for entrepreneurs. I get my coffee in the morning and read 2-3 of these “influencer’s” articles to start my day.

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Are you Navigating or Driving Your Business

When you created your business was it for the money, freedom or to make an impact on your community?  At the start of any entrepreneur’s adventure, they are “driving the vehicle” making all decisions, planning social media, handling customer questions, completing daily administrative tasks, and more. However, there comes a point when your time is more valuable spent figuring out what needs to happen next, that’s called “navigating” . It’s hard to navigate your business…

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Is Your 2019 Social Media Marketing Done?

With the realization only a month and half left of 2018, I buckled down with a calendar and spreadsheet to produce my 2019 – 1st quarter marketing plan completed.  Goals – targets – research – platforms – niche – ideas – conversions, it can all be overwhelming! If you are just starting to plan 2019, take a step back, grab some coffee, notebook and work backward. What is the outcome you…

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Why Your Small Business Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

Entrepreneurs start their businesses with big bold visions and soon find themselves bogged down with the administrative tasks involved in building a business.  This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in.  A VA can handle everything from answering emails to developing your marketing strategy. Here’s why it’s time to consider hiring one of your own Virtual Assistants work within your budget Gives you more time to focus on core tasks such…