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To Blog or Create a Website that is the Question!

So…you are contemplating writing a blog but you’ve heard maybe you should have a website. Let’s clear the clouds and quickly talk about the differences. Website – is a collection of static pages and multimedia content under one domain. Also, websites are hosted over web hosting services which give access to the world wide web (www). Websites are updated maybe 1-2x per month Blog – are a type of website…

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What Is Going On With Facebook/Instagram?

So, what did you do while the snowbomb visited Colorado last week? Many small business entrepreneurs got on the computer to work. I was creating content and an advertising campaign on Facebook. But like all other entrepreneurs, soon realized Facebook/Instagram was down, 1 hour later still down, 3 hours later still having issues!

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Is Your 2019 Social Media Marketing Done?

With the realization only a month and half left of 2018, I buckled down with a calendar and spreadsheet to produce my 2019 – 1st quarter marketing plan completed.  Goals – targets – research – platforms – niche – ideas – conversions, it can all be overwhelming! If you are just starting to plan 2019, take a step back, grab some coffee, notebook and work backward. What is the outcome you…

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It’s Wednesday So Let’s Talk About Whisky!

I look forward to Wednesdays when they roll around!  We get off the well-traveled road of talking about business processes, marketing and take a left to head down the Whisky Trail (or wine).  Recently, I tried a dram of Bowmore and thought this would be great for today’s posting.   Located on Island of Islay, Scotland. Bowmore is a unique, elegant tasting scotch, every dram embodies the Island of Islay. BTW…

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Biz Topic Tuesday! Do you have a mobile marketing plan?

According to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally come from mobile devices (experts say this number is now closer to 60 percent).  It’s time to plan your mobile marketing plan. 

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Why Your Small Business Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

Entrepreneurs start their businesses with big bold visions and soon find themselves bogged down with the administrative tasks involved in building a business.  This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in.  A VA can handle everything from answering emails to developing your marketing strategy. Here’s why it’s time to consider hiring one of your own Virtual Assistants work within your budget Gives you more time to focus on core tasks such…