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Not All Facebook Likes are Equal

Did you know not all Facebook likes are equal? You have Facebook likes that help you grow your business and business page. Then Facebook has likes that can sabotage your business page. 

Facebook likes that can help to grow your business page are people (audience) who love what you do and enjoy your content plus will eventually become a customer or make a purchase from you.

Facebook likes that can sabotage your page are from people (audience) who like your page and content but not connected or passionate about what you do or subject. An example is; you post a quote with a photo of a beautiful horse running, a person may like your quote and even like your business page. This person may be a lover of horses, that is why they liked your post and your business page. However, this person may not connect to content (message), or chances are slim; they will not convert to a customer. These are the type of likes you DON’T want on your business page.

WHY….that’s because the Facebook algorithm collects data and the types of people who like your posts and like your page. If the Facebook algorithm sees all these people who love horses engaging on your page (because the post was forwarded or their friend suggested your page), this must be the type of audience you want to attract. Then the algorithm decides horse lovers should see your content and recommends your page and content to other horse lovers even though it was just a photo of a horse on a quote. This is one part of the Facebook ecosystem I will be covering in April.

Be careful who you invite to like your business page. Make sure they understand your business, will like your content and, more importantly, engage with your page. Then the algorithm goes out and looks for the type of person who is your target audience and suggests your page. In saying this, you need to conscious of the kind of content you post.  

In the beginning, it may seem an excellent thought to invite Aunt Blanche to like your business page, but in the long run, will she engage with your content and convert to a customer? It may look great for social proof to have hundreds or thousands of page likes or followers, but the quality of the follower and likes is more important than quantity.  

For more tips on growing your social media (especially Facebook business page) and email marketing, head over to my Facebook page. 

Next week’s Facebook topic will cover – niche neighborhood.

Remember, during this confusing time, if you need to brainstorm or need to talk, there are many of us out here to listen and talk you through it.


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