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Setting 2020 Goals For Success

There is SO much I love about December. Christmas (YES!), food (YES!) and the new year fresh start (Oh Yeah)

On top of that… there are some SUPER exciting things we’ve got in store for you at Northstar Business Support come 2020.  

  • Adding services 
  • We now have digital products you can purchase and download (templates, checklist, forms, etc.) to help with your business processes and systemization
  • Starting in January “Koffee Chat with Kay,” where I will chat with a client or business colleague about successes and failures they had plus advice they would like to pass along 
  • Local workshops and online webinars are in the works
  • Plus, we are spinning off our travel services to its own company (oh the fun ideas we have!!)

Have you set your 2020 business goals? Goals cause us to stretch and grow in ways we never have before. Remember, to write your goals down; otherwise, they are just a wish. The most important benefit is not achieving the goal; it’s what you do and the person you become to achieve your goals. Put one foot in front of the other and take action! My 2020 goals are written and on the wall. Here are three of my end of the year (2020) goals.

  • Run in a 5K 
  • 10x my productivity
  • Scale my business

Start with the “I will” …. concept. What are 2 of your 2020 goals?

Contact us if we can help you complete tasks that are overwhelming your calendar and to-do list. It’s time to grow your business and make you the CEO again!


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