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Tools To Help Grow Your Traffic in 2020

I am a little freaked out, to be honest; it’s the end of November the holidays are here, and I am getting ready for 2020. Today I completed my marketing and company goals, what’s on your goal list? Let me share with you Northstar Business Support’s primary goal for 2020…GET MORE TRAFFIC and SCALE! I have my two BIG yearly goals, quarterly goals, monthly goals, and steps to achieve the monthly goals to get me past the goal line come December 31, 2020. It’s a lot of work, but there are tools out there to help achieve what I plan on doing. With this being Thanksgiving, thought I would share some of the tools I plan on using in 2020:    

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Mailchimp or another email marketing platform – THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST!!
  3. Subscribers
  4. MobileMonkey
  5. Yoast Plugin – I have
  6. Buffer – I use Hootsuite
  7. Upviral

I follow Neil Patel, who always has TERRIFIC information. Also, remember to take imperfect action and if something does not work redo. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Coke did not have perfect products at; first, they tested and then retested and found what worked for them. Explore what works for you and then dive in and scale your business.  

One trick I do when I have an idea is, write the idea down on colorful sticky notes. Each color stands for different parts of my business; yellow – blog topics, blue – social media ideas, pink – product ideas, etc. I keep them on a board next to my desk, but I also put these ideas on a Trello board. If you remember, I once lost all my colorful sticky notes when the board came tumbling down. With Trello, it gives me a workflow (plus it’s in the cloud), and with the board, it’s a daily visual reminder and map of what the goals are.

Here is a video from Neil Patel talking about the seven tools listed above.  

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