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Why It’s A Good Idea To Work With An Experienced Social Media Professional

Good golly Miss Molly, we are mid-November, can you believe it!!! How is your 2020 marketing plan? Have you sat down to strategize a roadmap for social media or email marketing in 2020? What you may want to start with is, “what overwhelms me” and how to tackle that first. One goal may be hiring a social media person. Having someone support these tasks will give you extra hours to focus on growing your business or having time with family (especially during the holidays). Here are five reasons why you should think about hiring a social media person:

  • You can avoid spreading yourself too thin
  • Business pages work entirely different than personal profiles
  • Social Media Management is time-consuming – you must be consistent with intriguing copy, video, graphics, offers, etc
  • It’s Cost-Effective – especially when it comes to your time and ads – stop throwing away your money
  • Your strategy will have a fresh pair of eyes

The goal for 2020 is to give yourself the gift of TIME. Time to grow your business, time to be with family, time to create new products, etc. Time is the one commodity we cannot buy or get back. It’s hard to navigate your business when you are stuck behind the wheel, driving the bus (doing it all).

If you would like to chat about your 2020 marketing strategy, ☎️chat us up. We are here to help you out. 👉👉Here is a link to my calendar: or complete the contact form and I will contact you within a few hours.

Also, we have the 12-month ‘DONE FOR YOU” content calendar available. It’s filled with topics and content you should post. Plus I created graphics to go along with the Monday Motivation quotes which will save you time plus other goodies. Watch for it to be available by Wednesday. All this for less than $.80 per day – ISN’T YOUR TIME WORTH IT?


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