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Growing Your Facebook Social Media Audience with Organic Traffic

A goal for 2020 is to grow your Facebook audience. Your budget is tight so that advertising may be off until Q2, so how do you grow your audience with organic traffic?  

Facebook is an essential platform for small businesses to market their products/services. Organic reach on Facebook is between 1-6%, and if you want to grow your audience organically, you need to understand what the Facebook algorithms are looking for

  • Publish more video posts. There are several thoughts on this, but the average is 50% video – 40% static photo content and 10% links.  
  • Use Facebook live videos
  • Host more watch parties – these videos can be pre-recorded for your audience. Facebook stats say, people are 800% more likely to comment during watch parties than if they are watching solo (afterward)….it’s all about the engagement
  • Ask simple short questions
  • You don’t need to post seven times per week but maybe 3-4 quality posts per week
  • Avoid engagement bait; keep away from trigger words like please comment below, please like, and please share. Use phrases like, what are your thoughts, or how have you experience this?  
  • Don’t stray too far from your brand message and topics

One of the new “it” strategies is; integrate a messenger chatbot. My opinion is out on this one. I understand how quickly sending a message about a flash sale or promotion or going live in 30-minutes can be useful, but a message box is very personal and can turn off a person. Use your discretion.  

I know I have not been an excellent example of using video, but it’s at the tippy top of my 2020 goals list. It will be the first task and project to tackle (I am going for once a week and work up to more). I need to get over the camera “thing”!! We are many times harder on ourselves and wonder what others think of us. There is an excellent video from Molly Mahoney, who owns The Prepared Performer, a camera confidence coach. She gives you a skillset in preparing for your videos. Or, if you want to practice or run by topics for your Facebook videos, I would be happy to help you out. Just email or message me……you may just be helping me too!!

Head over to my Facebook page for tips and tricks for entrepreneurs. I will also “like” your page!!! Let’s grow your business together!!


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