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Keep Your Business Motivated and On Track!

What is your workflow for productivity? Do you make a checklist to keep you focused, or do you get the feeling of overwhelm? Do you have colorful notes everywhere?  

I know I am guilty of it – colorful sticky notes EVERYWHERE!! I loved using sticky notes & lists to organize projects, doesn’t everyone? Checking off those to-dos and removing the sticky notes made my day; however, a few months ago, it all got discombobulated. My whiteboard with these happy sticky notes fell, placing colorful squares everywhere! Two of my to-do lists I found lodged under my desk, which put my brain into a fetal position in the corner, sucking her thumb. Like a good detective, I reconstructed the crime scene but was not enjoying the process!!!

Thanks to a mastermind group, I started implementing a new system. It was like the angels started singing, the seas parted, and there it was Trello!! It’s a cloud-based, Kanban visual flow of every task for every project in your business and life. You can plan and execute a new project just as easily as a family vacation or extracurricular activities for your kids. No more sticky notes on every surface of my office and computer. Trello has everything I need to organize projects of any size. Open a card, add comments, upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels, due dates, and BUNCH more.

The example I have shown is my “Business Binder,” where I keep pertinent information on Northstar Business Support. So I don’t need to go looking for files and documents! I have different boards for social media, clients, projects, a road map to revenue, etc.  

Trello is a project workflow system designed for anyone to use. There is a FREE version, and when you get proficient, you can upgrade to paid.  Let me know what you think! Check out Trello!

If you would like assistance setting up Trello for your business (or personal), let me know. We have a “Business System” package to get you on track for your business launch or meet 2020 goals. I would be happy to chat with you and strategize what the vision for your business looks like in 2020.   Let’s stop the overwhelm and chaos and return the order to your business.

Contact us to get you set up for success.