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To Blog or Create a Website that is the Question!

So…you are contemplating writing a blog but you’ve heard maybe you should have a website. Let’s clear the clouds and quickly talk about the differences.

Website – is a collection of static pages and multimedia content under one domain. Also, websites are hosted over web hosting services which give access to the world wide web (www). Websites are updated maybe 1-2x per month

Blog – are a type of website that are updated frequently and dynamic. Blog post can be embedded and made part of a website. Blogs started out as hobby or personal journal observations. Even larger companies are getting into the act of writing blogs to keep customers updated with events, products or just fun stories. Some of the most popular blog sites are….

👉 Huffington Post: 110 million monthly visitors
👉 TMZ: 30 million monthly visitors
👉 Business Insider: 25 million monthly visitors
👉 Mashable: 24 million monthly visitors
👉 The Daily Beast: 15.5 million monthly visitors

Here is an article from WordPress Beginner giving clarity and direction.  Northstar Business Support can help guide you through the murky website vs blog waters and get you on the right path.


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