Posted on: March 20, 2019 Posted by: Northstar Business Support Comments: 0

What Is Going On With Facebook/Instagram?

So, what did you do while the snowbomb visited Colorado last week? Many small business entrepreneurs got on the computer to work. I was creating content and an advertising campaign on Facebook. But like all other entrepreneurs, soon realized Facebook/Instagram was down, 1 hour later still down, 3 hours later still having issues! They finally came back online early into the evening, claiming, ” a server configuration change caused the outage”. I wasn’t the only one frustrated but this issue got me thinking, “if Facebook/Instagram went away or continue to have issues how would online business owners monetize their business”? Many entrepreneurs have made significant money on Facebook. Self-serve ads are a booming business for Facebook/Instagram, both companies are on track to gross $1billion in ad revenue in 2019!!! But when you have 1.2billion users per month, you are on track. Facebook/Instagram are a money machine, not just social media platforms.

While thinking of all the ramifications during the outage, I heard my Grandmother’s advice “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and Facebook has been my big basket! Full disclosure, I did not make much from advertising on Facebook but it was on my marketing plan for 2019. On Thursday I wrote a new marketing roadmap and will focus on other platforms like my website which means upgrading the SEO, analytics, Adwords, design, and LinkedIn (for lead generation). I believe Facebook/Instagram is still the future of monetizing your online business but I am just reslicing the pie.

Even with the issues last week, don’t let social media intimidate you, embrace the wonderful marketing tools at our fingertips. Growing your business has never been easier. If you do find yourself wanting to throw your plan in the garbage DON’T…contact us. We will be by with a margarita, tissue and several ideas! Also, download this easy Social Media Planner – it will help guide you.