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So I did everything wrong my first year!

Well, it’s been a year since I started this adventure of creating a virtual administrative partnership company.  I knew I was good at administrative duties, keeping CEOs on track, project management, email marketing, social media management and other tasks.  What I forgot was to market myself!!  I did fairly well as I had a few retainer clients but I pretty much relied on “hope marketing“.  If you were sitting here, you would see me rolling my eyes and hear me laughing.  First let me say, having a website does NOT guarantee business and you can view 1000+ webinars to learn new skills but you need to market the new skills!!   

A phrase that keeps gnawing at my brain, “when you live life casually you become a casualty!!!!”  Oh my gosh, they are talking about me!  In my youth it was drilled into us, don’t be conceited and talk about yourself.  Ugh, when you have a business that is what you need to do, not in a sleazy sales way but with approachable leadership and humility.  So now into year two, I am no longer geeking out on 1000+ webinars but putting these authoritative management skills and gatekeeper talents into action.  You will see more postings with good content, tips and tricks to help the “overwhelmed entrepreneur” and possibly a few video blogs (I said possibly – need to get over the camera “thing”).   

Northstar Business Support is a virtual administrative partnership company who supports the overwhelmed and overcommitted entrepreneur by supporting their online and traditional based businesses.  Here are some ways I can help..

Manage Projects

  • Creation of a project plan, including timeline, process, and people
  • Maintenance of online project management 
  • Follow-up with the team to make sure “work is getting done” on time
  • Communication of project status

Manage Marketing Implementation

  • Manage day-to-day implementation of the marketing strategy which could include
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media 
    • Speaking Engagements
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Video/audio Marketing
    • Traditional Marketing
  • Reviewing autoresponders and follow-up sequences on a regular basis

Manage Revenue Streams

  • Manage production and completion of revenue streams
    • Membership programs
    • Events (live and virtual)
    • Coaching Programs
    • Books and workbooks
    • Setup of fulfillment for any tangible/shippable items

Tracking Metrics

  • Analyzing metrics and discussing trends/patterns with the business owner
  • Keeping track of key statistics for the business on a weekly & monthly basis

Executive Services

  • Calendar Management
  • Organize and update contacts
  • Help create professional templates
  • Email Management
  • Verify references for new hires
  • Write personalized letters and notes from you
  • Online research
  • Business Travel planning (domestic and international)
  • Meeting Coordination

Management Speaking Engagements, Travel, and Entertainment

  • Preparation of Speaking Kits
  • Reviewing speaking requests on behalf of the client
  • Coordinating details with Host
  • Order of any products to be sold on-site
  • Onsite management (if required)
  • Manage flight arrangements (domestic and international)
  • Arrange hotel, transfers, dining and site seeing 

These are just a few of the itemized tasks offered by Northstar Business Support.  As an entrepreneur myself, I want to pass along the most important lesson learned, don’t overthink, this leads to fear and 1000+ webinars plus indecision is the thief of opportunity.   It’s time for you to delegate those tasks so you can get out of the office, make a profit and enjoy your life. 

Contact us to discuss tasks that are taking up your valuable time and money.  



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