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Affordable Marketing Ideas

Ok, so you have been in business for a while but the phone or email are not buzzing with customers.  Unfortunately, having a website and business Facebook page just does not do it.  It’s time to market your business, maybe your customer is out there but does not know you exist!  How do you get this elusive customer to find you without breaking the bank?  Let’s start with NETWORKING!!  

I can tell some of you have your face in your hands saying, “NO“.   Networking is about relationship building not selling yourself.  Build that relationship with the 20+ people in a single spot, you are sure to run across someone who has a problem for you to solve.  Even if these 20 people don’t have the problem they know at least 5 business colleagues one of those 100 could have the problem you are good at solving (build your network and referral program)!!  Where do you find these networking groups?  Here is a quick list:

  1. Meet-ups (
  2. BNI -Business Network International (
  3. Local Chamber of Commerce
  4. SCORE (
  5. Associations connected to your industry
  6. Volunteer (kids school, non-profit, local theater, etc)
  7. Industry Partnerships (exchange services with others so they can experience your product/service and tell others)
  8. Offer free class or seminar 
  9. Anywhere you see business cards pinned to the wall – add yours
  10. Deliver treats with your business card attached to hard-working local business owners
  11. Participate in online forums related to your business
  12. Hang out where “your people” hang out

What about other “Affordable Marketing Ideas

  1. Post an “Ask Me Anything” about your business on Facebook
  2. Contribute expert articles to local publications
  3. Start a referral program for existing clients
  4. Send “thank you” notes (consider Send Out Cards)
  5. Make sure you have awesome business cards
  6. Be a savvy Social Media Networker (post content 1-3x per day)
  7. Start an email marketing campaign from all the business cards you have collected
  8. Always use LOCAL BUSINESSES!! For anything you can

community network
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