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Got Stuck? Try These Tips To Streamline Your social media planning

So, you’re finally starting that business now it’s time to map out your social media marketing plan.  Jeez, where to start, what platform to use, figuring out target audience, setting a budget for Facebook Ads, SEO, Twitter Ads, Google AdWords, etc., etc. makes you want to go back to bed!  To help make your way through the social media pasture that is littered with cow bombs, let’s break it down:

  1. Do your research:  Identify industry trends, view social media impact, do a competitive analysis
  2. Put together core & strategic objectives, and metrics:  Goals should align with broader marketing strategy.  Make sure your strategy is actionable and understands your customers.
    1. Helpful advice – People accessing the internet via mobile (smartphone) has increased 60%.  Think mobile friendly.
    2. Jot down your ideal target audience
  3. Decide on social media channels (start with 2-3 or you will disappear into rabbit hole):
    1. Facebook – 1.09 BILLION people use Facebook daily (your audience is in there!) – make sure you have a Business Page.  Think about Facebook Ads.
    2. Twitter – 313 million monthly users send more than 500 million Tweets every day!!  Users have discovered small & medium size businesses and are retweeting their information.  Make sure it is a business account
    3. Instagram – Photo-based platform.  The Instagram community has grown to 500 million users.  Make sure you have a business account.  Instagram is now owned by Facebook, you can cross-post
    4. LinkedIn – No social network caters more to business professionals.  There are 414 million users
    5. Pinterest – Is a search engine and NOT just for women!!  Ideas are the primary reason people go to Pinterest.  There are 150 million users.   87% of the pinners have purchased something they’ve seen on Pinterest.  Create a business page.
    6. Snapchat – A darling with the young audience.  eMarketer forecasts by end of the year Snapchat will have a larger user base in the US then either Twitter or Pinterest.
    7. Plus, others; Google+, Tumblr, YouTube, Periscope, Xing, Blogging, Flickr, Vimeo, Yelp, Reddit, Podcast, Google AdWords, plus another 20 more
  4. Produce an obnoxious amount of content and create a social media calendar:
    1. You need good content to get people coming back and visit your website to make purchases. Please remember building a community takes time and work
      1. Decide, will you be using images, videos, blogs, company news, infographics, eBooks, quizzes, interviews, etc.  I suggest mix of all
    2. How often you post and the time you post are critical (needs to be daily and sometimes 2-3x a day)
    3. Make sure you use the 80/20 rule – 80% should inform, educate, entertain,
      20% directly promote your business/services
    4. How will you promote and grow your post/audience?  Set a budget as all platforms now have ad purchasing
  5. Evaluate, and adjust your social media plan as you go – social media is fluid
  6. Invest in a Social Media Management Tool, bottle of Macallan Scotch or call me!!!

Bottom line opportunities are abundant, it’s an exciting time to start your business.  As stated above, building a community takes time, don’t look for shortcuts, put in the hours.  Social Media is not black and white, it is gray and that is where your opportunity is.



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