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Never too Old to Learn

Buddy says good morning.  It’s going to be a good day – gorgeous weather, a calendar full, and webinar to complete.

While walking this morning I was thinking about the peaks and valleys of this entrepreneur adventure (Magellan).   It’s been scary but good, otherwise, if it was too easy I wonder if the entrepreneur adventure would be worth it?   During this adventure, I have found some incredible mentors who kick my butt daily.  Many entrepreneurs get stuck in the thinking and planning process (including myself), this leads to OVERTHINKING and STAGNATION.  One mentor advised, STOP IT and JUST DO IT otherwise you will just be mediocre with regrets!!!  OH SNAP!!!!

Since I am “older” than many people starting new entrepreneurial adventures, I started to doubt myself.   As I struggled with WordPress I kept yelling at the computer, “WHAT IS A WIDGET”!!   My poor WP customer service person was very nice but I could tell he was accustomed to working with “younger” entrepreneurs with the 9-second attention span. Realizing I am not someone with an attention span of a blinking eye, my focus started to shift because I do have loads of knowledge, experience, and patience.  My purpose is to help small business entrepreneurs with their low-value tasks so they can concentrate on the high value such as sales to increase their profits.  I have always been good at listening, guiding, nurturing and mentoring.  So as September knocks on the door, I am answering to say, “Come on in – let’s get to work“. 


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