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Happy 4th of July

As we celebrate our wonderful county’s 241st birthday, I am thankful for the strong men, women and children who have sacrificed so much.  To the rest of the world, we are a young brash nation.  I like being an audacious country of strong individuals, where do you think we would be without Apple, NASA, Ford Motors, Wright Brothers or our Founding Fathers?  Of course, mistakes have been made as we are not perfect but we learn, forgive and move on with greater sense of purpose.

I also remembered 2017 is half over….WHAT!!  My to-do list for the year only has a few tasks crossed off.  So, now is the time to create the business, and life I have always dreamed of.   A window closed and I am now swinging the double doors wide open.  A little nervous, but excited with what lies ahead.  Stumbling will be part of the experience, it’s okay, I just need to get up and keep moving forward.  Our humble patriots did a lot of stumbling and almost gave up.  But they had passion in their souls which lead them forward to creating one of the most unique, well respected nations (yes, we are well respected).  To which I am inspired and in awe.  They did not have electricity, technology, TV; but they did have passion and strong sense of purpose.

I am honored you stopped and hope you will continue.  We will talk about small business issues such as social media tactics, different administrative task you can delegate, some checklist and a whole lot more.

“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience”  Patrick Henry


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