Entrepreneurs are a rare breed full of ideas when they start this adventure called entrepreneurship, they believe a few networking groups, a website and social media will bring in clients and life will be good!  However, soon they are not growing the business or finding that elusive extra time for family and friends because they are still in the office busy with tasks that could easily be assigned to a Virtual Administrative Business Partner.

Northstar Business Support is a Virtual Administrative Business Partner company designed to be your compass and help remove the chaos and tasks from your to-do list so you may focus on high-value tasks such growing your business, attend your kid’s sports activities or take that much-needed vacation.  I know this concept may be new to many but with today’s technology, it’s like we are in the next cubicle.  You may think hiring a VA is expensive, well think again…you pay NO benefits, payroll taxes, need to purchase expensive office equipment or spend time training.  These cost-saving measures turn your time into money and balance.

Life is not difficult unless you are juggling chaos, let NBS help you, visit our services page for a list of collaboration ideas and inexpensive tasks savings packages to help you.  

“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important”  Stephen Covey